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Photo by: Erik Velez

Photo by: Erik Velez

I am an artist who wears many creative hats, each informing the other, a dialogue that sparks connection in each medium I approach.  Here, I am a visual storyteller, narratives intrigue me, all those little parts coming together to make a certain sense of a thing or a person or a moment.  Narratives are recognition, a through line connecting action and reflection. Here a story can be created, and then shared, and added to and then, given away.

sarabrown is a west coast Riot Grrl all grown up and she calls  New York City  home while currently on sabbatical in New Orleans. sarabrown is a freelance photographer, primary to her other artistic personas, everything feels right when she has her camera in her hand. She wandered her way into the circus via The Trapeze Loft right after she landed off the bus, dusted off the travel stains, and announced to all in shouting distance – I AM HERE. The circus types kindly took sarabrown under their wing and in return, she has been captivated and capturing the circus/cabaret/burlesque performance life ever since, moved by the gorgeous spectacle of it all.  

Being a freelancer, sarabrown has developed into a fantastic Jane-Of-All-Trades photographer, specifically in live performance, events,  headshots, and weddings. As an event photographer, sarabrown has shot events for Broadway, Off-Broadway, Guggenheim, MoMA, ELLE, Armani, Revlon, Maybelline, Essence, Sephora, Jimmy Choo, Absolute Vodka, Bloomingdales, RuPaul's Drag Race, HBO, The Standard Hotel, and countless other high end benefits, launches, private functions and parties. sarabrown has shot these events under imsarabrown Photography and the fabulous studio,  dirty sugar Photography as Manager and Lead Photographer. sarabrown also has shot numerous corporate events with Liz King events, please see Event Story Two. 

sarabrown is a woman with a camera and will travel. She is fun and talented and laughs alot and knows how to sneak up and get that killer unguarded moment that tells that fascinating story of accident and purpose coming together.

sarabrown studied photography in Los Angeles, CA, got her degree, got her feet wet as a freelancer and professional fine artist, and lit out for the east coast when she realized that she needed more than an endless beautiful day to inspire her.

sarabrown is a dancer and performance artist. Dance is as necessary as breathing and performance art allows sarabrown to freely express the weird. Diving into the occasional circus act has been a great joy and literal immersion into her photographic craft. In 2012, sarabrown joined forces with photographer Florence Montmare and created the creative duo, 2Spass. 2Spass presented, Dream Machine, a performative bridge that spanned circus art, performance art, and photography. 

sarabrown has again revisited the combining of artistic disciplines with her latest solo project, Photography Dancer!, where her dance and her action of photography co-exist simultaneously. It is writing with both hands at the same time, patting your head head and rubbing your stomach, left brain right brain simultaneously. An observation and participation hybrid. Photography Dancer! is composed of both solitary and communal action, the individualistic photographic medium coming together with the primal group participation of dance.

sarabrown has created the video and photo blog, I Heart Street Art with SisterSaraBrown at sistersarabrown.tumbler.com  As Sister SaraBrown, she documented her love of street art through short online "woman on the streets" episodes where she traveled around the streets of NY primarily but also around the country. Sister SaraBrown explored through stills and video the surprise and love of street art and its transformative power on the urban landscape.

sarabrown has been published in the following print publications: New York Times, New York Post, Time Out NY Magazine, Where Women Cook,  Gambit New Orleans, Southern Bride Magazine, along with a multitude of national and international online publications.

sarabrown has shown work, danced and performed in/with the following venues, galleries and collectives: 

New Orleans, LA: Krew Du Vieux, Batebunda, Sound Off! Festival/New Noise, Howlpop/ Ex Voto, Splish/Port

NYC: The Gershwin Hotel, Kenny Scharff’s Cosmic Cavern,  ABC No Rio, St. Mark’s Church, Judson Memorial, Antagonist’s Art Movement, Gelato! Art Salon, Michael Alan’s Living Installation, Hungry March Band, Figment Art Festival,, Union Pool, Big Sky Works, The Bell House, Galapagos, Bang On!, Ribulaud, The Delancey, The Living Theater,  (le) Poisson Rouge, Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn Lyceum, Public Assembly, Bushwick Open Studios, DUMBO Arts Festival

LA, CA: The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA), Los Angeles County Fair, Crabtastic Studios.